Interactive Math Learning Online For Kids

Studying math may be a challenging job to do, especially for kids. But still, there is a way to explain to your child the basics and the peculiarities of the school program. Old ways are not that effective when it comes to teaching kids who are real tech geeks. That’s why we decided to launch this project and help kids all over the nation to learn math and make it fun. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just explain hard things in a boring way: we educate through playing games and doing activities that your kid loves. 

Get a math tutor online

You’ve probably tried to hire a tutor for your kid to finally crack those math essentials. There is no surprise you didn’t manage to reach any results as parents often ask: ‘Where can I find a math tutor near me?’ instead of ‘Where can I get the best math online classes for kids?’ As you might have guessed, the different approach leads to different results. In the first case, you just get a tutor that is the most convenient to get to, while in the second case, you choose the best thing available for your kid’s needs. 

With us, you will not need to worry about the quality of your kid’s knowledge after a few study sessions. Our maths tutors have professional degrees in education as well as in math, so finding the right approach to your kid will be a matter of one class. Besides this, we care a lot about our tutors’ professional development: every tutor is encouraged to get additional training a few times per year and implement new strategies in their online classes. 

All you need to do is just pick the right tutor math online on our website. You can do it easily after visiting the Tutors page and reading their bios. To start working with them immediately, contact us and indicate the name of a tutor you wish your kid to study with. 

Math games 1st grade include a variety of topics such as counting, adding, subtracting, and recognizing shapes. With so many different concepts to learn, math games are a great way to keep your child engaged and excited about learning. And the best part is, they can be played anywhere – no special equipment or materials needed! Here are a few of our favorite math games for first grade:

  1. Popcorn Counting: This game is perfect for helping your child practice their counting skills. You’ll need a bag of popcorn and a die. Take turns rolling the die and then count out that many pieces of popcorn. The player with the most popcorn at the end wins!

How to teach math for kids online: our principles

Our principles of teaching math for kids are the following: 

  • Integrity. We never explain only one side of a concept or problem since our goal is to teach students to think critically and apply math solutions to different problems and tasks; 
  • Attention. With us, your kid will never feel like they are in their school class with dozens of other students trying to figure out what’s going on. We work with students one-to-one as well as in small groups to ensure close attention to everyone and reach the understanding of all things we explain; 
  • Mobility. Our classes are available online, so your kid can study and learn things anytime, on any device. Our study platform is designed to function on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices to ensure every kid has access to our classes;
  • Constant support. You and your kid can reach out to us 24/7 and ask any questions or express any concerns you have. Our team of support agents resolves customer issues timely and effectively; 
  • Usability. From the moment of sign-up on our website until your kid’s last class, you will not feel lost. We developed our platform the way every kid could understand how to navigate, enter the online classroom, carry out and upload tasks, etc. Our interface is also adapted to the process of ordering a new class for your kid, which takes just a few minutes;
  • Safety. The information about yourself and your kid is secured with SSL protocols and encrypted up to the latest standards of Internet security and protection. We don’t sell or share any data of our users with third parties and don’t spam you with ads. 

Try out maths puzzles for kids: a fun way to learn not-so-fun things

The last thing you need to know before your child starts their journey in our world of simple and fun math is our most popular study activities. 

Firstly, our students adore solving math picture puzzles. This type of activity is proposed to all new students who start learning with us to make their experience less stressful and help them transition from usual school classes to interactive learning processes. Using these and other maths brain teasers for kids helps us to evaluate how newly accepted kids think and what their level of math competence is at the moment. 

Secondly, we use maths riddles for kids to bring novelty to classes, engage all students in small groups to work together on solving them, and create team spirit for everyone in the group. Math riddles help to teach kids to think out of the box and have a rest from theoretical rules they learn at school. 

If your kid is still struggling with math and hates their homework, don’t wait any longer and enroll in the ongoing math for kids course. To make sure your child loves our approach, feel free to get a trial class today and listen to what they say after that. Ninety-seven percent of our math community members love their trial lessons and want to join a small group they had their first class with or start their 1:1 program with a tutor on our platform. 

Our goal is to provide value to everyone who joins our classes. That’s why we offer a 100% refund if your kid doesn’t make any progress in learning math or our approach to teaching doesn’t work for them. To make sure your decision is right, feel free to check recent customer reviews on our website.