"I have been trained several times over the years and this was the first time I had a thorough understanding of the whole process and all its implications."

Barbara Abshire, Fayette Co. Teacher Speaking about KTIP Committee Training online

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Convenient, Professional Learning Opportunities

About KyEducatorsKyEducators.org addresses the needs of Kentucky educators by providing professional development through online courses designed to enhance professional growth. Teachers and administrators can access information from home or school, any time, at their convenience.

How do you know if a KyEducators course is right for you?

Value to Kentucky Educators

Ultimately, increased teacher expertise has a positive impact on student learning. KyEducators.org is designed to meet Kentucky’s immediate professional development needs. The online format can supply much-needed information quickly, efficiently, and at the educator’s convenience. The courses can help a teacher increase his/her earning potential. Several courses target immediate needs for specific groups of Kentucky educators, such as special education teachers, substitute teachers, principals, and Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) committee members.

Course Design

To further your understanding of current issues facing educators, each course features interactive opportunities to apply knowledge and strategies to your own school setting. Kentucky teachers and administrators add a human touch to theory as they share their insights via recorded audio files.

A comprehensive design process assures excellence across each course. Subject matter experts (teachers and higher education faculty) from Kentucky and surrounding states authored the courses, keeping in mind the strengths and concerns of our communities

Small advisory groups reviewed the content and tone to ensure accuracy, readability, and alignment with Academic Expectations and the state curriculum documents. EPSB gave final approval to all course content. Throughout the site development phase, teachers, administrators, and teacher educators, along with representatives from the Kentucky Department of Education and the Kentucky Education Association, met regularly as an Advisory Council to review progress and provide advice.

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