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No parent in the nation would take it easy if their kids failed to complete the math classes and, consequently, their finals. Our community of online math educators and math tutors believes every kid should be given a chance to boost their skills while at school. 

Professional Learning for Math Educators

We know that when our students receive a strong K-12 education in mathematics, we set them up for future success. As educators of tomorrow’s leaders and innovators who will shape the next generation through creativity, innovation & critical thinking skillsets; it is imperative you feel confident teaching math so they can achieve at their highest levels! The Dana Center offers professional learning sessions using leading edge educational research as well as inspiration from fellow teachers on Facebook chats or webinars – all designed just to help support what works best within your classroom environment.

How can homeschool math be more effective than studying at school with Math Educators?

The most popular issue that kids face during their studying at school is the inability of their math teacher to provide enough attention to every student and make sure that everyone in the class understands a new topic. That’s why the quality of education in public schools is oftentimes lower than in private schools where the teacher-to-student ratio is 1:7 or 1:9. 

On the contrary, homeschooling is far more beneficial in terms of close communication with teachers. During such classes, a student gets a lot of he instructor’s attention and does not need to worry about missing any important concept or idea. Besides this, homeschooling is a great way to continue getting quality education in the pandemic time and stay healthy. 

As for our homeschool math classes, we designed them the way you could enjoy 1:1 cooperation with our maths tutors. No more waiting to ask your question at the end of the class or in hours scheduled for consultations: feel free to make clear any detail right away and get a complete response. 

Another advantage of homeschool math is the comfort you study with: you can do it anytime, either in your bed or at the desk, in your room or the backyard, etc. All you need is a constant Internet connection and a working browser with your webcam on to see your tutor math online and your classmates (if you choose to study in a small group). 

As you can see, everyone can learn math online and benefit from homeschooling, so why not try it today? 

Why do you need to try to learn math online with math educators?

The most popular reasons for our students to join and proceed their studying with us are the following: 

  • Friendly environment. We carefully choose the group for you if you opt for studying with classmates: this is to ensure a positive environment for every kid in the class. Students who meet in our classes often make friends and continue to communicate after finishing their math courses; 
  • Professional staff. All tutors who teach math for kids in our company are professionals. They have degrees in math and education or psychology, so their expertise is enough to make your studying convenient and fruitful; 
  • Fun study process. We don’t just tell rules and concepts and then teach you to do operations with numbers, we teach you to think differently through games, puzzles, and pictures. Our courses are the best for those who love to perceive information through visual materials, so if it’s about you, let’s meet in the class;
  • The simplicity of working on our study platform. Our online classroom has everything for convenient learning: the discussion field, scripts to all videos, a place for your comments and feedback forms;
  • Ongoing support. If you study with us, you will never feel alone and forgotten: our support is working Monday through Saturday to resolve your issues and help you to improve your customer experience with our study platform. You can reach out to the support team via online chat, email, or phone;
  • Reasonable price. Our online classes for kids are affordable for the majority of families in the nation since we aim to educate rather than make money. Our mission is to help kids learn math and apply it to their lives after school. 

How to boost the effectiveness of our math help while doing homework?

  • Repeat what you’ve learned recently. Before you start thinking about how to tackle a certain math problem, consider repeating the related topic you’ve learned in our classes. Find the respective lesson online and skim through the summary to remember how we solved a similar kind of problem in the form of a game or quiz. Repeating theoretical materials is also helpful for getting started on your homework without stress;
  • Apply our ways of tackling problems to your home task. Since we explain and teach you to do things differently, we know that your school teacher may be surprised to see another way of problem-solving than they taught you. But if our approach is easier for you, don’t hesitate to use it when doing your homework and share it with your classmates; 
  • Don’t give up. Oftentimes, homework seems to be an unbearable burden, especially if you miss your class. Don’t worry. You have all the necessary knowledge to get it done: in our classes, you learn math according to the national studying standards, so you’ll not miss any topic covered in your school unless you stopped attending our classes;

Ask for help. Our math academy tutors are ready to give you a helping hand with every task you were given in your school or during our study sessions. We aim to develop your thinking and analytical skills to solve any math problem you face as a student. You are not alone on your way to becoming proficient in math.

Math Nation

Math Nation is an online learning platform that helps students master middle and high school mathematics. With 24-hour access to quality instruction, custom content tailored for each state’s academic standards, adaptive assessments and support from experts around the country – we make sure you’re never left struggling alone in math!

Math Nation is an online resource that provides high-quality, adaptive assessments and support for students to master middle school mathematics. The site has 24/7 access to instructional videos as well workbooks created by professional educators who are experts in their field of study; this ensures all concepts required by the state standards will be covered throughout each student’s educational journey at any level within these subjects–from basic addition up through college prep courses!